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BenQ EC2-CW ZOWIE: A Wireless Marvel for Esports Enthusiasts in India

BenQ, a renowned name in the gaming industry, has launched its latest gaming peripheral in India, the EC2-CW ZOWIE wireless gaming mouse. Aimed at empowering Esports players, this cutting-edge device comes packed with features designed to enhance gaming performance. From a 24-step scroll wheel to up to 3,200 DPI, the EC2-CW ZOWIE is ergonomically built to provide gamers with a competitive edge. This article delves deeper into the specifications, features, and benefits of this exciting new gaming mouse from BenQ.

BenQ EC2-CW ZOWIE: Specifications and Features

The BenQ EC2-CW ZOWIE gaming mouse has been meticulously designed with gamers in mind. Its ergonomic shape ensures a comfortable grip and hand posture during extended gaming sessions. The top of the mouse is contoured to mimic the natural curve of your hand, allowing for secure palm rest and effortless manoeuvrability with your fingers.

This wireless gaming mouse has five buttons and a 24-step scroll wheel. Two buttons are strategically placed on the left side, easily accessible for your thumb’s natural resting position. The 3370 sensor in the mouse allows for precise tracking with adjustable DPI settings ranging from 400 to 3,200, ensuring low latency and pinpoint accuracy. Depending on the type of USB used (USB 2.0 or USB 3.0), the USB Report Rate can be set between 125 to 1,000Hz.

Another standout feature of the EC2-CW ZOWIE is the ability to select between low, medium, and high lift-off distances. It relieves flexor carpi ulnaris (FCU) muscle fatigue, a common issue among gamers. The Click Response Time (CRT) can also be customized to your preference, with options for Fast and Normal settings. Including a wireless receiver with an antenna in the mouse’s front tip further reduces interference during transmission.

The Advantage of the BenQ EC2-CW ZOWIE

Gamers will find the BenQ EC2-CW ZOWIE a game-changer for several reasons. Firstly, the ergonomic design ensures that players can maintain comfort even during intense gaming sessions and avoid strain or fatigue. This advantage becomes crucial during long Esports tournaments where performance and endurance are essential.

The 24-step scroll wheel provides extra precision, enabling smoother navigation and quick access to in-game commands. Players can fine-tune their sensitivity with the adjustable DPI, allowing seamless transitions between gaming scenarios.

Moreover, the strategic placement of side buttons allows for the swift execution of actions, giving players a competitive edge. Whether executing complex combos or switching weapons swiftly, the EC2-CW ZOWIE enhances gaming performance.

Price and Availability

Considering the advanced features and cutting-edge technology in the EC2-CW ZOWIE, some gamers might wonder about its pricing. The BenQ EC2-CW ZOWIE wireless gaming mouse is available at a competitive price of Rs 14,990. It can be purchased on Amazon in a sleek Matt Black finish, with options for small, medium, and large sizes to cater to different hand sizes.


In conclusion, the BenQ EC2-CW ZOWIE wireless gaming mouse is a powerful tool that can help elevate the performance of Esports players in India. Its ergonomic design, customizable settings, and wireless functionality make it a must-have for serious gamers looking to gain a competitive edge. With the EC2-CW ZOWIE, BenQ continues to cement its position as a leader in gaming peripherals.

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