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Asus Marshmallow Keyboard and Mouse: The Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

Asus, the technology powerhouse, has recently unveiled a remarkable addition to its lineup of computer peripherals a keyboard and mouse combination under the celebrated Marshmallow series. Introducing the KW100 keyboard and MD100 mouse ushers in a new era of compactness and portability while invoking the imagery of delightful toasted marshmallows and the warmth of cosy campfires.

In-Depth Exploration of Asus Marshmallow Keyboard KW100: Specifications and Traits

The Asus Marshmallow KW100 keyboard is a meticulously designed wireless marvel focusing on incredible compactness. This portable keyboard offers a typing experience characterized by tranquillity and smoothness, thanks to its switches that reduce noise by a remarkable 90% compared to conventional switches. Remarkably, these switches are built to endure an impressive 10 million keystrokes, ensuring consistent performance over prolonged use.

Beyond its size and performance, the KW100 keyboard boasts a collection of 12 hotkeys. It integrates wirelessly with various platforms, including Windows, ChromeOS, macOS, and iOS. While Android compatibility isn’t explicitly stated, it’s reasonable to assume that the keyboard can seamlessly connect with Android devices via Bluetooth. The KW100 Marshmallow Keyboard supports simultaneous connections to up to three devices, utilizing BLE 5.0 technology to guarantee uninterrupted connectivity.

Adding to its charm is the keyboard’s aesthetic appeal. Available in delightful shades of Oat Milk and Green Tea Latte, both options evoke a sense of satisfaction upon first glance. The keyboard’s minimalist design sets it apart, adding to its uniqueness. It’s worth noting that the keyboard’s battery life can extend up to an impressive 2 years, depending on usage patterns.

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A Comprehensive Look at Asus Marshmallow Mouse MD100: Technical Specifications and Attributes

The Asus Marshmallow MD100 mouse is the second gem in Asus’ latest offerings. This wireless mouse, weighing 56g without the battery, is designed for portability and lightweight manoeuvrability. Its ambidextrous layout caters to the ergonomic needs of both right-handed and left-handed users. The mouse features a magnetic top cover, allowing for effortless colour customization.

Like its keyboard counterpart, the MD100 mouse comes in refreshing Oat Milk and Green Tea hues, with magnetic covers available for each colour. 

Mouse Enhancing its longevity, the cover is treated with an anti-microbial coating, tripling its lifespan compared to a regular office mouse.

Standing under 3cm in height, the mouse embodies sleek design sensibilities. The clicks are engineered for quiet operation while maintaining durability, boasting a rating of 10 million clicks. The DPI settings range from 800 to 1600, showcasing its adaptability. The Marshmallow MD100 mouse connects to the host PC through the 2.4GHz dongle or Bluetooth v5.0.

Remarkably, the mouse’s battery life can last up to a year, depending on usage, and is powered by a single AA battery. Compatibility spans Windows 10 and its later versions, ChromeOS, and macOS environments. Including 100% PTFE feet, the mouse glides effortlessly across various surfaces, rivalling even premium gaming-focused counterparts.

Pricing and Availability

The Asus Marshmallow KW100 keyboard is priced at Rs 2,899, while the MD100 mouse has a retail price of Rs 1,499. These offerings are set to be available soon through the online ASUS e-shop and established retail platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Croma, and Reliance Digital, among others.

Reflections on Asus’ Marshmallow Series Peripherals

As we delve into the world of Asus Marshmallow series peripherals, the question emerges: will these innovative offerings find a place in your workspace’s technological ecosystem? Comment below if you have any insights and perspectives to share.

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