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Apple Vision Pro 2 Delayed: Mark Gurman’s Analysis and Expectations

In mixed reality technology, Apple’s Vision Pro has garnered significant attention. Despite its technological advancements and software integration, its hefty price tag has left many potential users hesitant. However, for those willing to exercise patience and refrain from investing in the current model, there’s promising news on the horizon. Renowned Apple analyst Mark Gurman suggests that the successor to the Vision Pro may not arrive for at least another 18 months.

Vision Pro 2: Insights

In his recent “Power On” newsletter, Gurman provided insights into Apple’s roadmap, indicating that the release of the Vision Pro 2 is still some time away. While this may be disappointing news to eager consumers, Gurman highlights the potential improvements and advancements the second-generation headset could bring. Despite the extended timeline, Gurman’s analysis assures enthusiasts that the wait will not be as protracted as previous iterations.

Customer Feedback on Apple Vision Pro

Recent reports suggest a trend of dissatisfied customers returning their Apple Vision Pros. Complaints range from the device’s bulky and uncomfortable design to its limited field of vision and lack of compelling content to justify the exorbitant price tag. Gurman acknowledges the commonality of returns but underscores the unique position of Vision Pro within Apple’s product ecosystem.

Pricing and Competition

At $3500, the Apple Vision Pro sits firmly in the premium tier of mixed-reality headsets, setting high expectations for users. However, comparisons with rival products, such as Meta’s Quest 3, have highlighted areas where the Vision Pro falls short. With an increasingly competitive market, the lengthy wait for the Vision Pro 2 raises concerns about Apple’s ability to maintain its edge.

Apple’s Approach to Innovation

Apple has a history of prioritizing quality and innovation over rapid product releases. While this approach ensures a polished user experience, it also means longer development cycles. The Vision Pro’s delayed successor reflects Apple’s commitment to delivering a superior product, even if it means a longer wait for consumers.

Improvements for Vision Pro 2

Despite the challenges faced by the original Vision Pro, there is optimism surrounding its successor. Drawing parallels to past Apple products, Gurman suggests that the Vision Pro 2 will address common complaints and offer enhanced features to captivate a broader audience. Users can expect a more refined and immersive experience as anticipation builds for the next generation.


The anticipation for Apple Vision Pro 2 is palpable as consumers eagerly await the next evolution in mixed reality technology. While the extended timeline may test patience, the promise of significant improvements holds the potential to redefine the user experience. In the meantime, exploring alternative options can provide users with immersive experiences while they await the arrival of Vision Pro 2.

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