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Apple has launched a self-service repair program that allows you to repair your iPhone at home

apple self-service Repair program: With the unveiling of the new Self Service Fix program, Apple has chosen to allow people to repair their iPhones. Users will have access to Apple’s authentic components and tools, allowing them to do repairs themselves rather than depending on third-party repair companies. The repair service will first be limited to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models. Following that, it will be expanded to include other models, including Macs with M1 processors.

Apple Self-Service Repair Program: Apple makes it simple for everyone to have their iPhone repaired.

People who know how to fix their iPhones will join the 5000+ Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs) and 2,800 Independent Repair Providers who have access to the same original parts and tools. They’ll start with the most frequent issues, such as the camera, display, and battery on the iPhone. Next year, there will be more repair modules added.

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However, individuals who want to begin the process must first read the repair instructions. The goal is for individuals to be able to grasp the restoration procedure completely. They can buy the components and tools from the Apple Self Service Repair Online Store once they’re confident. More than 200 components and tools are available in the store.

Customers can also return old items for recycling in exchange for shop credit toward future purchases. The Self Service Repair software, according to Apple, is intended for persons who have the expertise and experience to carry out the procedure. If customers don’t know what they’re doing, the corporation nevertheless urges them to go to a professional repair service provider.

Many people are relieved by the news since Apple has been compelled to make the change for years. Particularly since it was just disclosed that individuals seeking third-party iPhone 13 screen repairs would be unable to use Face ID. Following widespread criticism, Apple reversed its decision and announced the release of a software update that will allow third-party repairs on the new iPhone 13 without affecting Face ID.

The current endeavour is a continuation of a prior maintenance campaign that began in 2019. Individual repair businesses could perform iPhone repairs under the Independent Repair Provider program. The Self Service Repair program will be accessible in the United States next year, and it will expand to other nations in 2022.

Furthermore, Apple boasts that it has increased the number of service sites with access to genuine parts and tools and that the Independent Repair Provider program has been expanded to more than 200 countries. Apple Authorized Centers continue to provide users with simple repair alternatives all across the world.

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