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Apple Custom 5G Modem Fiasco: A Report on the Project’s Unfortunate Demise

Apple, known for its pursuit of tighter control over its devices through custom-made components, has encountered a significant setback in its latest venture. Reports suggest that Apple is abandoning the development of custom 5G modems after facing persistent challenges in the project.

Apple 5G Custom Modem: Naver’s Blog Report

According to a blog post on Naver, citing sources within Apple’s supply chain, the tech giant is taking a step back from its ambitious plans for an in-house 5G modem. This decision marks the end of the possibility of seeing an Apple-designed 5G modem in future iPhones.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman’s Insight

Further complicating matters, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that Company is set to miss its 2025 deadline to replace Qualcomm chips with its in-house 5G modems. The project faces yet another delay, raising questions about Apple’s ability to execute its long-term strategy.

Apple’s Persistent Efforts

Company’s journey in cracking the 5G modem code began in 2019 when it acquired Intel’s modem business for a substantial $1 billion. The project, codenamed “Sinope,” aimed to culminate in the launch of the iPhone SE 4 in 2024 with the custom 5G modem.

Project “Sinope” and the Expected Outcome

Internally known as “Sinope,” the 5G modem project held high expectations. However, the recent decision to halt development indicates a significant roadblock in achieving the projected outcome.

Challenges in Developing 5G Modems

While Company has succeeded in creating custom M-series chips for Macs, developing 5G modems proves to be a different challenge. Qualcomm’s extensive experience in this realm presents a formidable obstacle for Company.

Intel’s Code and Integration Challenges

The adoption of Intel’s code for the modem seems to be a stumbling block for Company. Integration challenges have resulted in an early prototype that lags behind Qualcomm’s current offerings.

Legal Battles and Patent Concerns

Apple, cautious about patent infringement, treads carefully due to past legal battles with Qualcomm. The company has been navigating a delicate path since suing Qualcomm in 2017 for alleged unjustified royalties on modem chips.

Qualcomm’s Extended Agreement

While Apple and Qualcomm recently extended their agreement for 5G modems until 2026, this extension was contingent on Company successfully developing its in-house modem. With the recent report, Qualcomm emerged as the winner, solidifying a long-term partnership.

Impact on Apple and Qualcomm

Company now faces the challenging task of accepting the failure of a project in which it invested billions of dollars. In contrast, Qualcomm stands to benefit from this outcome, securing its position as a key player in the 5G modem market.

Possibility of Long-Term Partnership

Speculation arises regarding the future collaboration between Apple and Qualcomm. The failed modem project could lead to a prolonged partnership between the two tech giants, highlighting the complexity of developing advanced components in-house.

Apple’s Track Record of Abandoning Projects

High-profile projects have not been abandoned by Brand before. The reference to AirPower, the wireless charging mat, underscores the challenges of finding solutions to complex technological issues.

Qualcomm’s Position and Future Prospects

With Apple’s failure, Qualcomm’s position in the market is strengthened. The company’s ability to provide reliable 5G modems positions it for future collaborations with other tech companies seeking a dependable partner.


In conclusion, Apple’s acknowledgment of failure in developing a custom 5G modem marks a significant moment in its technological journey. The repercussions extend beyond Brand, impacting the dynamics of the tech industry and highlighting the complexities involved in developing cutting-edge components.

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