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Mobile Gaming Tragedy: Apex Legends Mobile Shuts Down & Battlefield Mobile Cancelled

A sad turn of events for mobile gaming fans: EA’s Apex Legends Mobile Game will shut down after just a year, and Battlefield Mobile, the mobile adaptation of the popular FPS series, has been cancelled. Stay updated with all the details here.

Respawn will shut down Apex Legends Mobile.

Through a tweet and a blog post, Apex Legends Game developer Respawn Entertainment said its plans to shut down Apex Legends Mobile. EA plans to shut down Apex Legends Mobile launched on May 1, 2023, at 4 pm PDT for all regions, according to the information available.

As a result, Respawn and Tencent parted ways after the game failed to meet EA’s expectations, resulting in the game’s shutdown.

Microtransactions will be unavailable for Apex Legends starting today, so players cannot purchase in-game items or currency. As a result of this decision, Apex Legends will not be affected on PC or console. The shutdown is exclusive to the mobile version. Furthermore, no refunds will be given for in-game purchases.

Apex Legends Mobile was released 8 months ago, in May 2022, so many people were shocked by the move. Apex Legends is one of EA’s biggest franchises, a multiplayer FPS Game battle royale set in the game’s universe. It is enjoyed by thousands of players daily. As a result, EA and Respawn Entertainment decided to create a mobile-only version, Apex Legends Mobile.

EA Also Cancels Another Mobile Game

As if one unfortunate news was not enough, EA also announced that they have confirmed to cancel the development of Battlefield Mobile Game. The company explained that its plans to create a deeply connected Battlefield ecosystem have evolved, forcing them to change gears to deliver its best for the franchise. Therefore, the title was cancelled because of this change in strategy.

As the company began testing Battlefield Mobile in certain Southeast Asian countries, where mobile games are extremely successful, the cancellation is equally shocking. Moreover, EA planned to launch a beta for the game in 2021, followed by a pre-registration period.

Apex Legends Mobile’s closure and Battlefield Mobile’s cancellation show how companies tried to capitalize on mobile gaming crazes and failed. Both of these titles could’ve cemented their names beside the big-league names in mobile gaming if EA had nurtured a community in mobile-first regions such as Southeast Asia. It would be great if EA revisited both of these franchises in the future and created an enjoyable hand.

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