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Amazon India announces a 15-day trial offer on Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Touch


In order to get more customers to use their e-readers, Amazon has come up with a limited period offer on the Kindle Paperwhite as well as the Kindle Touch models. From July 8th to July 23rd, Indian customers can order these Kindles on Amazon, use it for two weeks and after that they have an option to either keep it or return the device for the full refund of the paid amount.

According to Amazon, the main idea behind the trial offer is to help customers experience reading on a Kindle e-reader and experience the instant access to ebooks. This offer also lets customers use features such as using the in-built dictionary, X-ray search, text size adjustments, highlighting and so on. At the moment, the Kindle Touch is priced at Rs 5,999 whereas the Kindle Paperwhite comes for Rs 10,999 (Wi-fi version) and Rs 13,999 (Wi-fi + 3G).

Customer will be charged for the device upfront and should the customer decide to return it the refund will be made post the return within 3-5 days either by cheque or a bank transfer.  The trial offer will be limited to only one device per customer.

“We know from our experience around the world, that once the consumers experience the device, they love it! Their apprehensions of eye strain vanish and they quickly realise how it feeds their appetite for reading and how convenient it is to have instant access to any book they want to read or the ability to carry their favourite books with them at all times.  We are committed to helping India read more and this is one tiny step towards that,” said Devesh Khandelwal, Senior Product manager, Kindle India.

We had reviewed the Kindle Paperwhite, and came away impressed. It offers a truly wonderful reading experience and the battery life lasts long. Features such as X-ray, vocabulary builder and the Goodreads connect further add value to the Paperwhite.

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