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Acer India Experiences a Serious Data Breach: 60GB of user data is stolen by hackers

Hackers steal 60GB of user data from Acer India after a massive data breach.

Since early 2021, we’ve witnessed big data breaches and ransomware assaults at several organizations, including Dominos, BigBasket, Clubhouse, and Twitch. The largest of these was the Facebook data breach, which exposed the personal information of over 533 million users. According to recent reports, Acer was the victim of a huge data breach in which a group of hackers took around 60GB of data from the company’s Indian servers. also see: 2 crore users’ data leaked from BigBasket: who is responsible?

According to sources, the attack was carried out by the Desorden hacker organization. Large amounts of data, including customer information and Acer’s internal business data, were allegedly stolen by the organization. As proof of the leak, the gang posted a video on a hacker’s forum.

Over 10,000 consumers’ personal information was stolen, as well as the business information of 3,000 distributors and merchants. According to ZDNet, Acer acknowledged the breach and stated that it was caused by the company’s local after-sales support system in India.

“As part of our security threat evaluations and system checks, we have recently detected an isolated attack in early October 2021 on our local after-sales service system in India. While there was no financial information of Indian customers compromised, we are actively reaching out to potentially affected customers,” In a statement, the company stated.

This isn’t the first time Acer has had a data breach of this magnitude. The company was hit with a $50 million ransomware attack earlier this year by the notorious ransomware organization REvil. Acer, on the other hand, claims that in the aftermath of the latest assault, it ran a full system check and triggered security procedures.

The Taiwanese behemoth also acknowledged that it was notified of the assault by the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, after which it informed the impacted users. If you have ever visited an Acer repair facility in India, we advise you to be wary of any harmful behavior that may be perpetrated in your name.




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