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2 crore users’ data leaked from BigBasket: who is responsible?


BigBasket Data Leak: 2 crore users’ data leaked, even before many Indian companies have leaked user data. But what happened next? Who will compensate for the damage done to the users?

BigBasket Data leak: Data leak has been a common term for some time. Data leaks are quite dangerous and its impact is not visible to a common user so soon. It has long term effects.

The sensitive data of about 2 crore users of BigBasket, a company of Chinese company Ali Baba-backed Bangalore, has been leaked. This includes name, phone number, address, location, and user ID.

Recently, data from Unacademy and Dr. Reddy’s Pharma was leaked. What did users get from the companies after this data leak? Was any action taken on these companies?

Big Basket users’ data is being sold on the dark web. Why is this data being sold on the dark web and who is buying it? Those who are buying your data by paying money will benefit from this data in some way, BigBasket Data leak.

Massive loss of users due to data leak

Taking advantage of data directly means that if you are a user of Big Basket, then you will be at a disadvantage. This damage can happen in many ways and it may not be seen quickly. But the long term effect is quite serious.

The hacker has your name, location, address, phone number and on this basis, many things are possible for hackers. Based on all this information, they can collect some of your more sensitive information and can harm you in many ways.

You can fraudulently bank, reach your home, and harm you, break into social media account or peep into your personal life, take ransom.

Who is responsible for the data leak?

Usually, when the user’s data leak from Indian companies, then these companies take the stand. Bigbasket has also filed an FIR, but now it is not clear how the data leaked?

It is also not clear that the details of these 2 crore users have been leaked, what was the reason for this? Was Big Basket’s user database not secure? Was not encrypted? Or have hackers deliberately targeted BigBasket?

According to cybersecurity firm Cyble, the data of Big Basket was found to be on sale during the routine dark web monitoring. These leaked data is of 15GB and contains sensitive information of users.

How are data leaks?

Data leaks can occur in many ways. Many times companies are unable to store user data and due to this, the data is leaked. Many times hackers deliberately cyber attack companies’ servers and acquire user data.

Cyber-criminal data leaks either take physical access to the computer network or remote access is taken. First of all, the hackers research the company’s servers and try to reach them through contact.

Talk about network attacks, hackers find the flaws of the data server of that company and after that use the employees as a bet and get the data.

Recently the accounts of many high-profile users were hacked on Twitter. Later it was discovered that the hackers cheated the employees there and accessed the internal tool.

It is worth noting that there is no rule of hacking and every time cyber-criminals resort to different methods, the cyber attack.

After leaking data, hackers either make money by selling them on the dark web, or they use that data to harm users.

Since data leaks occur on a large scale, it is sometimes difficult for a hacker or a group of hackers to use this much data, so they sell this data on the dark web.

What is the dark web?

Simply put, the dark web is like the Internet, but there is no indexing here. That is, you cannot search the content of the dark web by going on the internet like this.

Anonymizing browser users of dark web access is used. Among these is the popular torr which can be accessed using it. The dark web website is also called tor dead service.

In the dark web, at the end of the web site’s name, .com or .org is not used, instead, a name like .onion is used here. They do not appear in Google search.

These rules also change every time. Hackers keep making changes in the dark web in their way so those common people cannot access it.


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