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The Pixel Buds are Google’s Answer to Apple Airpods


The Pixel Buds are Google’s premium wireless headphones, and just like most of the other hardware launched during the event, the Pixel Buds too are infused with AI. One of the most interesting applications is that the Pixel Buds can translate between languages in real time, and acts like a Babel Fish from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams. After a person speaks in one language, the Pixel Buds translate it to another language, and once it gets the response, the Pixel Buds on the other user translates it back. There are forty languages supported by the Pixel Buds.

All the controls for the music are integrated into the right bud. A single tap stops or plays the music. There is even gesture based input on the tiny surface, and forward or backward swipes will change the volume of the music. Pairing the Pixel Buds with the Google Pixel 2, gives you immediate and permanent access to the Google Assistant.

Touch and holding the earbud allows you deeper controls over the playback from a paired Google Pixel 2. Once paired, you can ask the device for directions, or initiate a text conversation. The Pixel Buds also alerts you on notifications, and reads out your messages. The Pixel Buds will sell for $159.



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