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Over 100 million LinkedIn profiles hacked: Here’s a quick way to find out if you’re one of them


After the recent breach of LinkedIn, Adobe and Ashley Madison accounts became public, it was evident that a lot was left unsaid. According to latest reports, 4 years after a June 2012 hack, 6.5 million user accounts were stolen by cybercriminals in Russia.

To make matters worse, it was discovered in May that an additional 100 million LinkedIn email databases and hashed passwords were available online. As corrective action, LinkedIn invalidated those account passwords. This prompted LinkedIn to alert its 400 million users to stay alert and maintain reasonable passwords.

Australian security expert Troy Hunt has now created a website that helps you find out if your account has been compromised. The website called HaveIBeenPwned cross checks with over 500 million accounts from over 106 compromised websites that have been reported. To our surprise we discovered our email addresses appeared in the Adobe breach in 2013 and LinkedIn in 2016.

Headover to haveibeenpwned.com, enter your email address and hit the pwned? button. After cross checking your email address from millions identified, the website will tell you the specific accounts that have been identified as being breached. Head over and reset your password as a corrective measure.

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