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Samsung GALAXY 11: The Training

samsung_logoSamsung’s GALAXY 11 campaign is one of the biggest and probably the priciest Samsung campaign ever. With only a couple of weeks until the FIFA World Cup, Samsung’s marketing machine has been rather busy, and today, the company has posted a new ad in its GALAXY 11 series. The ad shows Samsung’s GALAXY 11 team undergoing its first training regime in order to go up against robots and save the world (in simpler terms, to win the World Cup), while promoting the Galaxy S5 and the Gear 2 and many of their functions, like the ultra fast camera of the S5, IP67 certification, and of course the rate sensor.

Check out the video below.

P.S.: Samsung has announced that it is the sponsor for the United Kingdom in the FIFA World Cup this year, showing its dedication to making the biggest football event as huge for the company as the Olympic Games.


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