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Samsung’s first Tizen phone delayed to 2014?

Things don’t seem to be going so well for Tizen, Samsung’s upcoming mobile OS. After its launch was delayed from early 2013 to late 2013, word is coming in from the Korean media that the launch might have been delayed yet again, to sometime in spring next year. Earlier rumors suggested that CEO JK Shin had personally delayed launch so they could create the “best smartphone,” and it looks like the company is still a ways off from achieving that goal.
Of course, Samsung is doing extremely well with Android, so they can relax a bit when it comes to Tizen, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t wondering
exactly what the hold up is with the new OS, which is expected to follow Samsung’s Android interface quite closely. They better hurry up though – Windows Phone is slowly but steadily gaining ground, new OS like Sailfish, Ubuntu will be in the market soon, so even with all their financial and commercial prowess, Samsung might not be able to hit hard with Tizen if these delays continue to happen.


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