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Apple Music now has 13 million paid subscribers

Music streaming service Apple Music now has 13 million paid subscribers, with 2 million subscribers added since February, the company revealed during it’s quarterly earnings call. The service, which costs $9.99 per month, launched in more than 100 countries last year on June 30. Apple launched its service at a time when the markets seemed matured …

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Import of certain Chinese mobile phones banned in India: Report

India has banned import of milk and milk products, certain mobile phones and a few other items from China after finding them sub-standard or not following security codes. Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in Lok Sabha that India banned import of milk and milk products from China as their quality …

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Google tags its own URL Google.com as ‘dangerous’ website

Google.com awkwardly lists itself as a partially dangerous website. According to a report in Engadget based on a post by an eagle eyed Reddit user, that’s exactly what the world’s largest search engine is doing. The details of the security note explains that websites hosted on Google Groups may install malware on …

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Google releases 2015 Android Security Report

Google posted the second Android Security Report on its security blog. The purpose of the report is to engage its users and developers in an informed conversation about Android security, in the hopes that a transparent and open discussion can make the platform more secure. The report outlines Google’s efforts at …

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