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OnePlus 2 Leaked in Multiple Images, Metal Frame Tipped

Shortly after OnePlus announced that its second flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 2, will be launching at a virtual reality event on July 27, new images of the handset have surfaced on the Web alongside new details. The first of the two leaks was posted on China’s Weibo social network, and …

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Google’s smart contact lens to arrive by 2019

Google’s smart contact lens that will measure glucose levels in diabetics by analysing their tears may be on the market before 2019. In a recent patent application, Google showed off potential designs for how it could package a smart contact lens, suggesting the project could be further along than thought. …

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Samsung will stop blocking Windows updates ‘within a few days’

Samsung PC owners will soon receive automatic software updates from Microsoft again, after the company said it will end its practice of blocking automatic Windows Updates on its computers. In conversation with Venture Beat, a Samsung spokesperson said, “We will be issuing a patch through the Samsung Software Update notification process to revert …

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Sony ‘seriously’ looking at setting up manufacturing plant in India

Japanese electronics major Sony is “seriously” looking at participating in the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative and is considering setting up a manufacturing plant in the country. “Of course, thanks to Modi’s strong initiatives, somehow we have to cope with the country’s direction and strategy. We are in talks as …

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Chinese hackers now turning cyber gatekeepers: Report

China, long accused by the United States of rampant cyber aggression, may be synonymous with hacking exploits these days, but that doesn’t mean every Chinese hacker is out to pilfer and destroy. As Chinese companies grapple with a sharp increase in the number of cyberattacks, many hackers are finding it increasingly …

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OnePlus 2: World’s first VR product launch on July 27

OnePlus has been quite disruptive in the tech startup and mobile devices space. After a successful launch of the OnePlus One flagship device and an exclusive agreement with Cyanogen, OnePlus is trying out new and innovative ways of marketing its next flagship – the OnePlus 2. In a post on …

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