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NEWS / APPS No, BSNL did not intentionally block WhatsApp to boost SMS

The Internet was awash with the rumour this weekend that BSNL had blocked Whatsapp intentionally. Those who were surfing on BSNL Wi-Fi or 3G were unable to connect to the Whatsapp server. All hell broke loose and many thought BSNL did it intentionally to boost the use of SMS on their network.

But it wasn’t just Whatsapp. A host of other sites and services faced a blockage on the BSNL networks. This tweet points out sites like XDA, Histats, Who.is were also down when using BSNL. Some further investigation found that all these sites and services are hosted at SoftLayer, which finally made the issue a lot clearer. So the BSNL network faced some issues with reaching the host, which made connecting to these sites impossible.

BSNL subscribers facing issues with WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s official Twitter account is mum on this development and the BSNL website has also not officially acknowledged the issue on their website

But if you scan your Twitter timeline or go looking for answers online you would think that BSNL intentionally blocked WhatsApp because of a drop in SMS usage, a worldwide trend. People are being advised by tweeters and on Yahoo Answers to download any of the dozen VPN apps for their Android phones to fudge their location and then use WhatsApp. There’s even a Reddit thread on the subject. All claim BSNL has issue a block this intentionally, but that would make little sense at a time when MNP allows customers easy ways to switch service providers. The fact that a bunch of other websites also went down should have been an indicator that WhatsApp was not a lone target, if at all it was targetted by BSNL.

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